Visual Thinking

The first Brainpower++ of 2024 has already taken place. Our Front-end Developer Robert kicked things off with a talk on 'Visual Thinking'.

'Visual Thinking'. Or the literal Dutch translation: 'Beelddenken'. More than 60% of people think in images. So why communicate in words when you can use images? During the Brainpower++ session, Robert demonstrated how to convert complex problems into understandable material.

🗣 Visual thinking is not thinking in words, but in images. Especially for this Brainpower++, he designed a drawing about our organization. Check it out.

Visual Thinking

Three take-aways:

  • Everyone can draw; you just have to do it and know a little about the tools you need.
  • By applying 'Visual Thinking', communication between all parties involved is equalized.
  • Images linger longer and have more impact than words. This can be useful, for example, when giving advice to clients to convince them.

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